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 (UPDATED   FEBUARY 10 /2020


Dear Beverly, ( Sunrise Girl 1 - Born june 6 /2019)
I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for my Gracie. She has such a wonderful personality.
She is full of fun then very quick to settle down and have snuggles and quiet time.
Her energy is just perfect for me and our household. I was very thankful for the weekly updates of photos and videos that you emailed me and all of your patience with the many questions I had for you.
My veterinarian tells me that she is a very healthy and beautiful dog. In fact, the entire office staff absolutely loves.
You were so wonderful when the time came to fly her to us too, making certain to give us frequent updates on where she was at all times throughout her travels.
She arrived safe and sound with a beautiful blanket, little bowls with her food/water and all of her paperwork. Thank you!
I would definitely recommend you to anyone who was looking for a gorgeous, healthy puppy.
You are a top notch loving breeder who treats these puppies like part of your family before they are sent to their forever home.
Thank you and I will continue to send you updates on how our Gracie girl is doing. Here's a picture of her and I that my hubby just took. Isn't she just so sweet? We absolutely love her to pieces more and more each day ��
(British Columbia , Canada)
Beverly is the best poodle breeder! She really cares about who is adopting her bundles of joy.
She knows so much about breeding and puppies.
As a second time puppy adopter in the past year, I can say that Beverly made this experience a breeze!
My Oliver was pee pad trained when we picked him up and has not had many accidents since bringing him home.
He has blended into our family perfectly. My other dog Gracie and him play for hours on end.
They both sleep together and eat together. We have had issues feeding our other poodle, as she isn’t a big foodie.
Oliver has made her appetite way better as he LOVES food. He will eat any food given.
It really was the best decision ever to get a puppy from Beverly.
The behaviour of Oliver is so warm and friendly! There are no grumpy dogs in her line.
Also, my vet said Oliver is one of the cutest and beautiful poodles she has ever seen!
Even on walks, we get stopped by everyone asking to pet him.
Everyone wants to have him! Our family absolutely loves our newest fur baby.
I want to thank Beverly for making my baby Oliver possible.
She truly loves her job and it shows!
Thanks Bev. She sure is a Teacup Poodle. I have never seen my wife so happy.

In fact; every time she sees a picture of her Pooky she gets emotional and cries tears of joy and never stops talking about her.

You and Pooky have made her extremely happy and she is smiling all the time as the time to get her draws closer.

Barry and Karen

Thanks again for the great puppy. Karen is thrilled and rode in the back with Pooky all the way home .

Pooky slept on Karen's chest. We were a little worried as she would drink but did not Pee for 8 hours.

She would not eat the hard food but we were happy you gave us the Rice Cereal because she would eat that.

The 12 hour drive was probable hard on her but she put in a good night and today she follows Karen around and will never let karen out of her sight.

Pooky is beautiful, quiet and we love her to bits.

Thanks again Bev your Pups are the best.


Extremely pleased customers, Barry and Karen


Hi Bev
Yes you said she would be between 3&5lbs we got what we asked for thank you.
also we have Pooky as a service dog she love to go everywhere ����
 Hi Bev- Here is our boy at one year today. He has been the easiest puppy I’ve ever seen. He house broke immediately, he has never chewed or destroyed anything, he listens so much and is smart as a whip. Scooter loves everybody and everybody loves him right back. He’s so gentle and such a lover boy. He’s just soooooooooooooo perfect. Your dogs are really something special and thank you from the bottom of my heart for pushing us to the front of the line when we lost Curly. It really helped us deal with our great loss. Keep up the magic you do with these beautiful creatures and God bless you and your family.
Talk with you soon,
Robert Peacock
West Chicago Illinois
This is Scooter and he is 19 weeks old. He is my second puppy I have purchased from Beverley.
We lost our first one after 14 ½ years of awesomeness.
I’ve been around dogs of all shapes and sizes throughout my life but our little Curly was truly special.
He was the smartest dog I’ve ever seen and had 1000lbs of personality packed into his 5lb body.
Once we lost him we were devastated. I contacted Beverley again and thankfully she was still producing these little angels.
We came all the way from Chicago to pick up our new family member.
Enter Scooter! We have had Scooter for two weeks now and he is an amazing puppy. He is calm, loving and smart.
He is very low maintenance and came paper trained. He is also ¾ of the way to being house broken already.
These little guys are people dogs and make great companions. Beverly fills them with so much love and attention that the bond is almost instant. Scooter has produced 1000 smiles and counting already. He just can’t get enough affection and wants to stay close to either my wife or I all the time. He also has sensitive ears and makes a great watch dog.
I never realized that Poodles are ranked as the second smartest dog breed behind only a Border Collie.
After my experiences with my Curly I have no doubt that it’s true. He was a special little soul.
I see the same traits with our new Scooter and he is filling the void wonderfully.
We are so happy to have another chance to share our lives with a wonderful little soul like Scooter.
Thank you Beverley, for providing us with so much joy over the years.
Robert Peacock
West Chicago Illinois


Beverley is an exceptional breeder and has made our experience of getting a new puppy absolutely seamless.
She extended her warmth and kindness, and was very courteous and prompt in her responses throughout our interaction with her during the process of getting our puppy Ziggy. Ziggy has been a blessing and an amazing addition to our family. He is extremely friendly, playful, energetic, and amazing with kids and new people. Ziggy is very intelligent and has been very easy to potty train. He sleeps in his crate throughout the night and is a pleasure to look after.
Beverley provided us with all the tips and tools necessary to make Ziggy's transition to his new life as seamless as possible. Beverley's honest and loving nature was very refreshing to deal with. We are lucky to have been able to find such a reputable breeder. Thank you Beverley for blessing us with this beautiful puppy. We are eternally grateful.
Yohannah and Hussein
jan 22/2018
"We bought our teacup poodle from Beverly and we'd do it again in a heartbeat! She is an absolute pleasure to work with. She responds quickly, answered all the questions we had and even went out of her way to help us understand the process and what to expect.
Our baby "Jakes" has made the perfect addition to our family. He is a super happy, healthy puppy with so much love to give!
When we went to pick up our baby "Jakes" and saw how well Beverly cares for all her poodles, it's no wonder why he's as perfect as he is.
We would encourage anyone looking for a poodle to get one from Beverly!" - Shauna & Garnet
Beverly is an exceptional teacup Poodle breeder and it is evident in her puppies.
This is the second teacup Poodle that we have acquired with Beverly. Our previous Poodle, Maggy (aged 14), and this new Poodle, Rosie, have both been excellent family pets (we have three children).
Rosie has come to us at 13 weeks on December 10, 2017, with a very pleasant demeanour.
She cuddles, she wants to please, she plays friendly, and she is learning new things every day (e.g., her name, sitting, learning to fetch, etc).
She has adjusted quickly to our family and routines. She sleeps in her crate beside our bed at night and she has slept through the night since day one. Beverly has answered all of our questions before we adopted Rosie and she has followed up with Rosie after our adoption. All communication was excellent while transporting Rosie and receiving Rosie at the airport in Toronto.
Beverly is Number One as a breeder and we will keep going back to her! Hands down,
Beverly's commitment to happy puppies and CKC breeding is something she prides herself with.
Thanks Beverly for everything! We love Rosie so much! We are so lucky to have Rosie joining our family.
Sincerely, Shelly Brandon-Yungblut
Hi Beverly, ( JULY 15/2016)
Toffee arrived safe and sound! She's doing great - so calm and friendly and loving!
Oh my goodness, Toffee is so friendly and sweet! I'm going to buy an exercise pen today. We had a great night. She woke up at 1:15am, I took her outside and she went pee, then she slept until 7:00!!! Amazing!
It must be very hard for you to see your puppies go every time as well!
Just know how much we love and appreciate Toffee! She arrived so calm and happy, you have raised her so well, and Air Canada did a great job with transporting her.
Thanks again! We love her so much!
Things are so great!!! She is the most amazing dog! She's so funny, she loves her toys already and comes bouncing to us. Such a sweetheart!
Thank you!
Good Morning Beverly,
We just wanted to thank you again for everything and confirm that Bear is the sweetest and kindest gift we could ask for.
We fell in love with the little puppy at first sight. It took him no time to familiar himself with us and has been a big ball of energy since he arrived. He is such a smart little boy and is eating. Although he seems to be so excited about things, he tends to eat a few kibbles and carry the rest with him in his mouth as he trots around before coming back to his bowl for a few more bites.
He also loves his playpen already and my husband (who has never been a dog person) snuggled with him all night and refused to go to work this morning.
Hi Beverly, (oct 11)
Perfect! Yes, we can’t thank you enough for training Bear so early to get used to household elements and noises - making the transition for him so easy.
Oh my! That’s a beautiful photo of you! I love the picture perfect backdrop and scenery around you also! The sports car suits you!
Looks like you are keeping very well, even being so busy that you are! Such a beautiful soul definitely shines through your youthfulness in that photo.
Be sure to take good care and I’m sure we will be in touch soon. :)
Ruby and Kaleigh in winnipeg
Hi Beverly (april 16)
Just wanted to let you know that Spicy got his second vaccination last week and the vet said once again that he is a very healthy boy. He's about 4 1/2 pounds now!
He has adjusted so easily to our home and family and is truly one of us. We all love him so much and I know he loves us too ❤
He also loves his toys and chew sticks
He's not quite 14 weeks yet, but he already knows his name well and has learned to come when called and sit on command. He's working on lying down and shaking paws but isn't quite there yet. He loves treats, running in the yard (he honestly looks like a bunny ) playing fetch, and most of all, cuddling up on the lap of one of his people.
Potty training is going fairly well and he definitely prefers to go outside, though he's still very little so sometimes has accidents of course.
I have had and loved a number of dogs in my life but have honestly never known one with such an incredibly sweet, gentle, and loving nature. We feel so incredibly blessed to have him in our lives.
Attaching a couple of pictures for you. Thanks again for sharing your gift for breeding amazing puppies with us ❤

Hi Bev (JUNE 12)

She is totally in love with Kelvin. and Me, (lol). Introductions with the girls went well. Emma really has taken to her. Mitzi is doing better than I thought she would. LadyBug is eating and drinking and has three pees and a poop. She seems to be more interesting in her sisters food than hers.
LadyBug didn't make a peep on the way home. She slept for most of the way.
I realize I should have given you more money. I'm going to write you another cheque and send it to you. She's worth much more than what we gave you.

Hello Beverley, ( June 14/2016 )


I have had nothing but wonderful, memorable moments with my new puppy, Ebony. She has made her way into our entire family’s hearts. She lives with my husband and I in a condo and is the perfect dog for this type of living. She uses an artificial turf on nasty weather days and through the night and has a perfect disposition. Ebony has a little bit of sass and a lot of love to give to everyone.

Anyone who meets her wants to take her home, so I make sure to give them your name and tell them to check your web site. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants and incredible loving companion and pet.

Looking forward to loving and sharing Ebonys’ life for many years.

Attached is a picture of Ebonys’ first grooming and another of a peaceful day in Kingston, Ontario just watching out the window.

All I can say is I hope you continue to stay in this business for a very long time because I never want to be without a dog like Ebony and you are the best.


Darlene A

Thank you Beverly. Ebony is now also registered as a therapy dog and visits hospice clients with me. She is the highlight and love of our lives.

I have given your name to many people.

She is a huge hit everywhere she goes. Has not had an accident since Sunday May 8, as she is going outside as well as using the indoor turf at night.

The vet also complimented you as a very good breeder as Ebony has a beautiful disposition.

I love her to the moon and back.

July 22





Hi Beverly! (may 10 /2016)
Rey is doing very well. We had a great trip home. She cuddled and played with Ryan.
She's been so good. She's doing her business on the pads in the kitchen. She's so sweet and good natured. Full of love and kisses. She's made herself quite at home here; she has a bed that she loves to play and sleep in. She brings her toys to keep in her bed and kind of throws them out to play with.
Hi Bev (june 10/2016)
Bodi is doing great! Everyone comments on what an amazing colour and how well behaved he is.
Dear Beverly, may 7/2016
Milo is doing great in Vancouver. He is such a happy and affectionate puppy. We often get stopped on walks by people who want to know more about him (he does very well with children who want to pet him). Our vet was also very complimentary about his temperament and health. He enjoys trims and brushing on our laps...trying to groom him myself as much as possible to bond :) I just wanted to thank you for all the emails we traded before he arrived and the weekly updates, I am very glad we found you last year. You were also amazing with arranging his travel. I will keep in touch as he grows up.
Pictures and Letters Of References  - CLICK HERE

Hi Beverly

What an awesome little puppy! We just love him. He is full of spunk and love. He has been a real joy in our lives. I have to tell you that he is so well rounded too. He is scared of shadows and barks but with time, that will change. He loves to play with so many toys and he thinks he is the king of the castle. He is well mannered and is not biting. We are having fun with him. I know it has only been a few day but we love him so much already. Thank you and have a super day!
Lori, Dale
Molson's parents
march 23 /2016
Cruz had a bath & blow dry today! What a good boy!
He cried at the patio door this morning to go outside to potty!
People tell us that Cruz won the lottery but we're the ones who won the lottery!
Beverly, he's so much more than we dreamed of!
The calmest, smartest & loveable boy!
Thank you so very much!!
Love, Susan & Dave Burgess
Hi Beverly! (jan 7 /2016)

It was nice to talk to you the other night. I am attaching a photo of our precious Lucy. It was taken about a year ago. She passed away this fall, at about 15 and a half years old. She was such a sweet dog and a beautiful little soul, who added so much to our lives. Thank you for her!

We have had some time now to grieve for her, and are ready to have a puppy in the house again. We are hoping to get a new puppy any time after July 1, as I will be off work for the summer and will have time to train her. We would like to have a female again please. We would prefer a caramel or brown/red colour, but it doesn’t matter so much, just not white/light apricot, as that was the colour of Lucy.
Hi Bev
I am sorry it toke me so long to get back to you but I have been travelling a lot even though you are always on my mind because is because of you we have our beautiful Claire Bear. Thank you always for her!
Claire Bear is absolutely amazing, we love her so much.
She has an inquisitive personality and she is alway doing something funny to make us laugh.
She is an amazing traveller, she just sits in her car sit and looks at the window, in the plain she goes in her carry on and not a sound until we arrive.
Over christmas she was so happy because all the people visiting and she is so friendly with everyone, adults children, dogs, no so much with cats ha ha. She is so smart! we toke her to obedience class and she was by far student A+. She was so fast in learning to ring the bell at the door so she can go to the bathroom that with the risk to sound coincided we think she is genus


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